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You have many choices for dry cleaning services. We at Arya Cleaners know this. There are many reasons why you want to consider us as the best choice for your clothes. Using the most technologically advance dry cleaning and laundry equipment available in the world give us an edge over most other cleaners using old and out-dated equipment. This technology allows us to clean garments with the most environmentally safe an highest efficiency methods. Recognized as a leading quality dry cleaners in San Diego County, we use Sanitone cleaning products recommended by major designers such as Evan Picone, Eddie Bauer,... etc. Sanitone is the industry best. This combine with constant filtration and distillation of our cleaning solution, assures you of the best possible cleaning results.


Small Business Of The Year

Recognizes California small businesses that have taken proactive steps to reduce their impact on our climate and communicate this information to their employees and customers.

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Sustainable award-winning dry cleaner with numerous green internal practices, staff education and training, and customer services that benefit the community.